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This article focuses on my app usage experience and app uses for day to day people.

We all might have downloaded apps to help us get the best background for our home screen as most of the stock wallpapers aren’t that good and they are limited thus we get no choice other than downloading and installing a third-party app that can suggest us top quality and trending wallpapers.

The craze for live wallpapers is also growing day by day as they look more premium and attractive but most users face the problem of running out of amazing HD live wallpapers as stock live wallpapers are really limited and also lack quality.

Let’s jump into what I found out last week that has actually helped me boost my confidence and personality. You might be thinking “what is he talking about? Personality…. confidence and we are discussing wallpaper and ringtone!”

Well yes, MixD Wallpaper and Ringtone app this app not only helped me with making my phone look and sound amazing but also helped in my personality and confidence improvement, Don’t get me wrong MixD Wallpaper and Ringtone app has never before see HD quote wallpapers in its category section that actually motivates me to do more and never give up as I set motivational backgrounds on my screen that lifts me up every time I unlock my phone. Let’s talk about personality, it is so important to choose the right wallpaper and ringtone as it leaves an impression on the people we come in contact with. Setting up the right background and ringtone can build your personality by 10 folds!! Don’t believe me? Try it yourself.

So i’ll talk about my experience in brief this is an amazing 4k Wallpaper app as it allows me to set wallpaper from the app, talk about category from anime to cars you have it all and the quotes and thought wallpaper category is just amazing the collection there is really good as it can be used as my smartphone background also if i save it i can use it on my social media accounts for free in return i get tons of engagement my followers ask me from where do i get such nice quotes.

It has HD wallpapers that are premium but the best part about this app is it’s free and the amount of ads are very low, thanks to the developer for that. 

I know there might be questions a wallpaper and ringtone app is something pretty simple and it doesn’t requires that lime light of posting blogs and praising it….right but wrong this app has a feature its called “Convert to live wallpaper” basically it allows you to make live wallpaper from the existing video present in your device.

Yes you can take a look at most trending wallpapers that are available on the apps trending section, Algorithm of the app takes into consideration the number of downloads of a wallpaper and how many saved it thus helps you make smart choices also displays what is trending with other users.

Ringtones in the app are pretty good from latest english music tunes to standard tunes available with various premium brands are available on the app and can be easily set from the app.

I would end by saying MixD Wallpaper and Ringtone app is the most amazing app available on play store and app store with never seen before HD 4k Wallpapers, Live Wallpapers, and ringtones, its best feature is to convert videos into live wallpapers that s must try.

Do install the app links below

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