Top 12 Digital Marketing Trends 2022 And How To Leverage it

Digital marketing has seen a big leap in the past years and is evolving regularly to keep up with the demand in the market. Though studies show in 2022 few dramatic changes can impact digital marketing thus this blog cover top 12 digital marketing trends 2022. Brands and businesses should now not only plan for their digital marketing activities but should be fully prepared to leverage it to the level best to reach new customers and establish relationships.

In this blog, we will discuss the top digital marketing trends in 2022 and how to leverage them.

  1. Meta the new virtual world

In 2021 Facebook officially changed its name to Meta. In the marketing world, it’s a good idea for creating a name for the parent company you might recall how Google changed its name to Alphabet. Meta is an umbrella under which Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Messanger, Oculus and have a 9.99% stake in all jio platforms. To keep it precise Meta is working on metaverse which is virtual and augmented reality. This can be a big change in how we use the web.

Recommendation: Digital Marketers should start to look out for opportunities for the businesses they are working for or for their brand in these spaces.

  1. The influencer market continues to grow rapidly as well as for B2B

Influencer marketing is estimated to reach $14 billion in 2021 and will continue to grow on an exponential scale. Influencer marketing provides an extra milage to the product or service as influencers ha a large set of followers. Business to Business brands have also started to take advantage of influencers and some of the examples include SAP, Adobe, GE, PWC, and many others.

Recommendation: Digital marketers should leverage influencer marketing to unlock the true potential of the business or the brand they are working on.

  1. New challenges faced in Advertising by privacy laws

In past years it was observed most of the digital ads were highly reliant on the tailored data collected from users’ interaction and information to optimize ads. By coming of the new privacy rules and regulations by IOS and the new update on the removal of cookies can be a major concern for Marketers as it can negatively impact digital ads.

Recommendation: Digita marketers should be proactive on such developments and actively lookout for new ways to market the brand or business to their audiences.

  1. Linkedin is set to replace other social media

Linkedin is growing at a rapid speed as it’s by far the most sophisticated platform for both job seekers and businesses. Each quarter Linkedin has seen a steady and growth in terms of user base and engagement. Linkedin is regularly launching new features to drive better results for business pages.

Recommendation: Whether it’s a B2C or B2B brand digital marketers should leverage Linkedin to their very best.

  1. Digital Markets set to be more strategic

due to rapid advancement in artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation took away a huge chunk of work in digital marketing. This in turn means marketers have to be more strategic and utilize their time to grow.

Recommendation: Digital marketers now have to think more strategically in focusing on what drives traffic for their business growth.

  1. SEO is slightly diminishing and content is becoming the king

Past decade SEO has been one of the most valuable assets in digital marketing. But due to the rapid development of search engine algorithms, search engines favor contextual content and user experience more. Digital marketers should shift their focus from applying tricks on SEO should focusing more on user experience.

Recommendation: Marketers need to switch their focus from SEO to delivering an excellent user experience.

  1. Word of mouth by the users is the new marketing tool

Brands and businesses across the world are still working on nurturing word of mouth from their users but actively providing more than expected value this also helps in earning more social attention. Due to tends the traditional advertising platforms to become more noiser it’s a great idea to shift focus towards earned media and word of mouth.

Recommendation: Digital marketers should focus more on providing more than anticipated value to their customers to garner word of mouth and more social media interactions

  1. Uptrend in digital jobs

There is a huge demand for digital skills in the market. However, there is a clash between what skills are required by the businesses and what skills marketers possess.

Recommendation: Digital marketers should continuously upskill themselves to stay relevant.

  1. Facebook (Meta) still holds the position

In the past years, it is seen that there were lot many headlines stating that people are leaving Facebook but in reality, although Facebook is losing users it is steadily gaining new users making it still the largest social media platform with an estimated 3.1 billion users.

Recommendation: Digital marketers should continue to emphasize the use of Facebook to reach new audiences.

  1. Websites load faster:

As more searches happen on mobile it is now essential for a site to be highly optimized to load faster. Although some websites still open slow on mobile phones with the new Google update such sites can lose the organic traffic.

Recommendation: Digital marketers should focus more on website optimization and boost site loading speed.

  1. Algorythim driven marketing

Everything from ads to social media feed suggestions everything is algorithm-based. User’s actions define his or her online experience.

Recommendation: Digital marketers have to provide more user experience to keep their content visible.

  1. Focus on few to maximize output

Businesses and brands are scattered to various social media platforms having a thin presence everywhere. This leads to low-quality content and wastage of efforts.

Recommendation: Marketers should focus on limited platforms and make a higher impact.

Bonus tip

Old ways of marketing will not fade away with the coming of new times. Digital marketers should slowly and gradually shift towards new Digital marketing trends 2022.

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