How to Use Instagram to Promote a Service-Based Company

Inspiration through quotes

People that own service-based businesses have always had a hard time figuring out how to use Instagram to grow their company. It’s disappointing to see a platform with enormous possibilities but no knowledge of how to take advantage of it. These business owners are having trouble choosing the best content to share in order to keep their companies in front of potential clients. As a result, many service-based enterprises avoid Instagram entirely.

Quotes can be used to communicate with the inner selves who brought them to your door in the first place. For example, a customer seeking a virtual assistant is likely to have a profound desire to have more time to focus on the larger picture of their businesses. They understand that a lot of their time is spent on things that don’t help them move their vision forward, so they hire someone to take care of these tasks so they can focus on the larger picture.

You can share quotes about time, desire fulfilment, and other topics with these types of followers. Quotes should not be used to flood your Instagram followers with philosophical quotes; rather, they should be included in your entire content posting plan and added to your posting schedule on a regular basis.

Sharing of short testimonials 

Consider Instagram as a microblogging site rather than a platform for sharing photographs and short video clips. This implies presenting yourself as if you were in a room with the people with whom you’re chatting. Captions can be as brief as a single line, a paragraph, or even a full blog entry. A post on Instagram is limited to 2200 characters, but you can expand on a thought in the comments area.

Demonstrate how your services work.

Consider the outcomes that keep clients committed to the services you provide when planning your Instagram posting schedule. Use this social media platform to indicate how these objectives have been met. Create and distribute engaging images that are an excellent reflection of your services.

Inspire with your achievements

Every success storey your company gathers while interacting with clients can be repurposed for Instagram. You encourage people to seek out your services by sharing these client testimonials. You might ask your customers to make a video for you or write a testimonial for you to post on Instagram.

If you’re in the health and fitness industry, showing before and after photos of a customer can help you stand out. Nail technicians, seamstresses, hair stylists, and dermatologists are some of the other professions where this strategy could work. Images on social media speak louder than words.

Provide solutions to there problems

Consider positioning yourself as a brand that assists people in adopting lifestyle changes, rather than simply advertising your services and making sales pitches to potential clients. Whether you’re changing your lifestyle to achieve greater financial independence, improve your health, spend more time with family, or raise your self-esteem, there are images and video clips that can help you communicate these changes. You simply need to be a little inventive in order to convey these stories in a variety of ways that appear and sound new each time.

Provide useful content such as tips

As a strategy to keep their Instagram followers engaged on social media, any service-based firms should provide suggestions. Tips can include information on the steps they’ll need to follow to get the most out of your services, as well as answers to frequently asked queries. The suggestions should be closely tied to the value proposition of your company.

While building a viable platform for a service-based business might be difficult at times, brands that choose to put in the time and effort have found themselves thriving and expanding their audience. So don’t be afraid to dive into the platform; there are opportunities to be found there that you will only discover if you immerse yourself in it.

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