Learning Digital Marketing Made Easy: Digital Marketing Book by Seema Gupta

We all want to acquire skills that allow us to earn better than others and help us grow in our careers. If you also have such thoughts this blog is for you as we will cover the topic of digital marketing and its future scope.

There has been a sudden hike in demand for digital marketers as the internet is penetrating faster. This turned out to be beneficial for most businesses as now they could build their presence online and reach out to more customers. But it’s not that easy that thought taking the business online can be a difficult task although it can be easier if you are equipped with the skills required. 

Digital marketing is not only SEO, Social media marketing, or Ads, it’s more than you see such as ORM, Email marketing, CRM, inbound marketing, Analytics, and much more. These technical words might have made you rethink whether digital marketing can be a viable career for you or not.

McGraw Hill has published their latest edition of the Digital Marketing book by Seema Gupta which covers the entire digital marketing ecosystem from scratch with relevant case studies for every chapter—making it easier for any digital marketing beginner to learn those skills and monetize by providing his/her services to businesses or clients.

The book talks in depth about some of the trending topics in the digital marketing space which are the use of A.I, Chatbots, ORM, AR, VI, Marketing Automation, and much more. The book not only talks in length about such topics but gives case studies to go through that enhance the reader’s experience.

What I have seen is many digital marketing books generally focus more on the explanation of tools. Still, this book takes it a step further giving an explanation as well as steps to use the tool with visuals to make it more engaging. 

Links to buy Digital Marketing 3rd Edition By Seema Gupta: https://amzn.to/3Bbd5zg

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